How did I get here?

I have always been different.  I have always been the quiet, shy, introvert - who didn't really know where I belonged. 
Acknowledging that I am sensitive, that I am intuitive, that I am psychic, that I am a Witch......phew!!!  What a tough choice!  But how wonderful it is to finally feel comfortable in my own skin...

From a very young age, I was very empathic, I was a good listener, people would come to me to express their deepest happiness's, turmoil's, fears, thoughts.  I have always spent most of my time in deep contemplation over the wonders of the world.  I did my best to  live a normal, main stream life, fitting in with my surroundings the best that I could, ignoring the parts of myself that were screaming to come to the surface.  And then I had a life changing experience.  Facing my inner demons, being responsible for my actions, all of this led me on an intense journey of spiritual exploration that has freed my soul from the judgment I was placing on myself - not allowing myself to be who I really am...

What is Enchanted Rose?

Enchanted Rose is whatever I want it to be.  It is not bound, or boxed up, or labeled.  It shifts, evolves, is my dream and it is constantly in transition.

Sometimes it is about giving people psychic insights that will help them to make good choices on their life's journey.

Sometimes it is about giving someone a message from a loved one who has crossed over.

Sometimes it is about being with other members of the Temple of Witchcraft - my sisters  and brothers - crafting magick, reflecting, creating, dreaming, being complex and insightful.

Sometimes it is about making jewelry - talismans or trinkets - to remind people they are strong or beautiful in every moment.

Sometimes it is about helping others to learn how to feel comfortable in their own skin - like I had to learn.

​Sometimes it is about my friends and team within Spirit Circle, helping those in spiritual need, struggling with unwanted energies, as well as evolving in our own spiritual paths by finding amazing evidence that validates what we already know.

Enchanted Rose is the idea that everything and anything is Magickal and Beautiful. 

Facing the Dark....

Many people in this field of practice call themselves "light workers" - healers.  I call myself a shadow worker.  In my belief, facing the dark is the most healing practice we can do for ourselves.  It is in this self reflection that the light is truly able to shine.  I believe that we all have "seeds" that are planted in us, from the time we are born.  These seeds grow, and make us who we are.  Sometimes what grows from these seeds is not so beautiful, in fact, sometimes those irritating and never ending thistles grow.  Therapists call these distortions.  When we stop, and take an honest look at our heavier experiences and identify how they have shaped our beliefs, it is then that we can dig up those thistles, and replant nurturing, magickal and beautiful seeds that will produce a thriving beautiful creation that will bring light and balance to our existence.

Professional Development:

Masters in Business Administration - University of Phoenix - 2013

Blackstone Career Institute - Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies - 2008

Bachelors Criminal Justice - Metropolitan State College of Denver - 2000


Spiritual Development:

Aspen Program for Psychic Development - Psychic, Spirit Medium, Medical Intuitive / Reiki Master Teacher Certified

- Aspen Coach - Teacher: Karen Fox, Phd.

Soul Path Insights - Intuitive Coach Certification - Teacher: Jennifer Garcia

Denver Psychic Development Group - Psychic/Mediumistic Studies - Teacher: Charles Cox

Accolade Academy for Psychic and Mediumistic Studies - Psychic/Mediumistic Studies                          

​- UMM Certification Program - Teachers:  Deb  & Paul Rees (50% completion - 2 year program)

​- Basic, Advanced, & Professional Mediumship workshops - Teachers:  Deb & Paul Rees

Temple of Witchcraft - Fifth  year , second level Student & Priestess - Teacher: Emily Jones

​- First Year: Inner Temple of Witchcraft

- Second Year:  Outer Temple of Witchcraft

​- Third Year:  Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft

​- Fourth Year: Temple of High Witchcraft

​- Fifth Year - Level One:  Living Temple of Witchcraft - Journey of the Goddess

​- Fifth Year - Level Two:  Living Temple of Witchcraft - Journey of the God

Shamanic Practitioner - Extraction​​​ &​ Soul Retrieval, Death and Dying, Self Care and Well Being -

Teacher:  Renna Shesso

Integrated Energy Therapy -Practitioner​ - Teacher:  Kristen Means

Introduction to Tarot (6 weeks) - ​Teacher:  Ixchel

​Tarot: Speaking in Symbols (5 weeks) - ​Teacher:  Renna Shesso

​Esoteric Tarot Certification (12 months) - ​Teacher: Joy Vernon Tarot and Reiki

- The Magicians Tools -Beginning & Intermediate

- The Mythology of the Tarot

- Esoteric Tarot

​- Tarot and the Qabalah

- Tarot and Astrology Level 1 & 2

​- Journey to  the Ultimate Boon

Tarot and Beyond - (3 years) - ​Teacher:  Emily Jones​

Path of the Moon - (13 months) - Teacher:  Christopher Penczak (currently enrolled)

​Wheel of the Year (12  months) - ​Teacher: Christopher Penczak (currently enrolled)