We did spirit box sessions here.  This was such a beautiful cemetery, I wanted to share the pictures.

I really love to converse with the skeptical types, and hear their theories on why this is crap.   I am open to a concrete explanation of course.  But what I would like to share about these particular photos is that I was in a completely different area of the hotel, and was drawn, as a professional spirit medium, to this particular room because I sensed a spirit presence there.  I took some pictures, and this is what was on them.  My question to the skeptic in this case (my brother) was: Do you think I was psychically drawn to dust or light glares?  This particular room belonged to one of the infamous prostitutes when this Hotel was a brothel, named Maggie, who allegedly jumped out the window and killed herself.  I did not know this at the time, I actually learned this months later while watching this Hotels investigation on Ghost Adventures.  I recognize exactly my path to this same room they were investigating that I was drawn to. 

This picture was previous to the Séance beginning - of course we had the lights off during.  Mieke and I had space outside the circle to perform our investigation.  There were many professional Spirit Mediums present for this event, which made it really interesting!

Mt. Moriah Cemetery - Deadwood, SD

November 2017

This picture is very interesting. The thing about it, we were not even doing an investigation.  We were just walking around the Hotel.  For this picture, we waited until there were no other people in the area, and then we were being dorks, taking pictures in the mirror.  Because this was not a controlled investigation, I cannot say with 100% certainty that this is not a  living person in the reflection of the mirror.  What I will tell you is that  we waited until we thought we were completely alone before we started being goobers and taking pictures.  The idea is that sometimes guests will see shapes or letters in their pictures when taking them  in this mirror.  We were laughing and having fun and didn't want anyone to see us trying to do this.  We were SHOCKED when we looked back at the pictures and saw this person, who we did not see around us with our eyes.  

And doesn't the picture above look an awful lot like the owner the Hotel is named after - Seth Bullock, who died on September 23, 1919?

Piercing the Mystical Veil with Charles Cox - Halloween Séance 2017

With so many people involved - we definitely attempted to find an explanation for everything that occurred.  We all felt that there were lots of spiritual presences in the room.   There were many messages given in this process. Here is what we found that many, if not all observed that we can confirm:
- Candle flickering
- Major temperature shifts to cold
(with these, we did check for air leaks around the doors and possible explanations for the movement and shifts - we can't conclusively say that there was a draft, but it is possible.  This also may have been part of the spiritual experience)
- Flashlight movement - and brief flickers of light on/off
- Ectoplasm - EMF detector confirmation within most of the circle area - in some up to the Sitters knees.  Some could see the energy with their eyes, but not all
- Slight transfiguration - seen by some, not all
- Video - we did have Orbs

The Historic Fairmont Hotel Oyster Bay Bar - Deadwood, SD

November 2017

Ok, I realize this is a terrible picture.  It was hard to get a good one capturing the orbs in that area.  I could get them easily in video, but was struggling to capture them on camera.  This is what led me to buy an actual ghost camera, rather then using my phone.  These are orbs in the basement of the Fairmont.

Historic Bullock Hotel

Deadwood, SD

November 2017