Brown Palace Halloween Event 2017

1892 Victorian Occult theme - 125th Anniversary

For this event - I was doing charm castings with the Lenormand deck.  It was really fun for the guests!!  There were also crystal ball readers, tarot, spirit medium tours and Masonic History presentations

Readings by Heather Rose - appointment only

phone: 720-532-2229


office:  The Cloisters - 2103 S. Wadsworth Blvd - Suite 1 - Lakewood

What is a reading like with me?

When I am reading, I am tapping into your energy/aura, and using my clairsentience and clairaudience primarily to gain information about you.  I can then give you information about your life that will help you make decisions along your path that are most suitable for you.  You can come with questions or a focus, or I can just read your energy in general, and give you my insights.


I liked that she was down to earth, and not afraid to say what she was seeing and feeling.” ~F.

“Her manner was calming and soothing and I enjoyed the reading and found it useful.” ~ S.

“I felt seen by her and she did a great job helping me clarify questions. Her insights were helpful, I liked that she didn’t doubt herself if an image or symbol wasn’t clear, she just let it be. Thank you!” ~J.

“She had good energy, and was right on at the moment we started which impressed me.” ~R.

“Just perfect!” ~J.

"Heather is a very talented reader who not only validates but goes into detail to provide insight and deliver healing messages. Although I have seen many psychics, Heather touches on areas that I have not had others dive into. She is compassionate and also gives sound spiritual direction from a place of love. I highly recommend her for any of her services." ~  S. R.

What do I do?

 ~ Psychic ~ Spirit Medium ~ Tarot Readings  ~

~ Astrology ~ ​Shamanic Practitioner ~ Lenormand ~ Charm Casting ~

$45 - 30 minute reading
$90 - 60 minute reading
$1.5 a minute for tarot (30 minute  minimum)
$10 - Tarot Game
$100 - 60 minute Astrology Chart Readings
~ Credit Cards Accepted ~

~ Shamanic Healing ~
Shamanic Extraction and Soul Retrieval
Self-determined sliding scale
$75 - $175
$25 for Journeys

(Self-determined sliding scale means if you are strapped for cash, pay $75.  If you are swimming in the dough,, pay $175.  For all others, pay somewhere in between.)


Directions to my office:

The Cloisters is a brick office building with white pillars. Turn onto West Evans (no traffic light) from Wadsworth Blvd. West Evans is between Morrison and Jewell which are larger intersections with traffic lights. A car dealership and King Soopers are on the same side of the street and just North of The Cloisters. There is a large parking lot in the back of the building. The building is locked after 6:00pm and on weekends, but there is a doorbell on the side of the door. When you enter, you go directly down a short flight of stairs, and my office is the first on the left – diagonally. There is a sign above the door that says Psychics, Mediums & Shamans. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.  720-532-2229

Enchanted Rose