Full Spectrum Camera Pro

EVP Recorder:

​Electronic Voice Phenomena - these devices record sound within a space, and upon playback, may present spirit voices that may either be intentionally recorded from questions asked by the team, or unintentionally recorded.


​Spirit boxes are used to communicate with spirit through the use of radio frequency.  It sweeps through AM and FM channels to pick up messages from the spirit realm. This is an ITC device (instrumental telecommunication) and tends to be controversial in this field. 

EMF Detector:

​These devices measure energy fields that are created by electrically charged objects.  They will beep and a light will flash when the energy of a spirit enters its vicinity.

SLS Kinect Camera:

​This camera utilizes the technology of the XBOX 360 which has an infrared emitter which produces a speckle pattern of IR light, which is said to be able to detect energy in the form of people (both alive and passed) in an area.  This is another highly conterversial device within the paranormal world.  


​This is an enhanced version of the spirit box, without all the static and radio frequencies.  It requires a guitar amp, and a reverb and noise reduction pedal. This picture is from Paranormal Expert, Steve Huff.  We have built our own version of this with the music equipment that we already had.  We have had some really amazing results - but it is not pretty!  The box is currently under construction.  We believe we can make it better! We will be making our Geo Box portable and cleaning it up a bit, to post soon. 

​Ok - here is our Geo Box. I'm not sure why Steve Huff felt that items other then the ones on his list would not work - as we are getting results with the reverb on my little guitar amp, and the pedal he recommended. How fun this has been!  We will post evidence soon!

Dual Full Spectrum & Normal Light Camcorder

Full Spectrum HD Camcorder

Ovilus V:

​This is an ITC device that is said to transform the energy of the spirit into words, which are preprogrammed within the device, like a dictionary.  While this is another highly controversial device, it is believed by some to be a direct form of communication. 

To read my preliminary review of the Ovilus 5, click here:

Ovilus 5 Preliminary.docx

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